UserBoxes are small boxes that can be added to your user page that allow you to give small sort tid-bits about yourself. Follow these steps to put UserBoxes on your page.

  1. Copy on of the codes below.
  2. Go to your User Page and hit "Edit".
  3. Scroll to the bottom and create a new section labeled "UserBoxes" or "My UserBoxes".
  4. Paste the code and hit "Save Page".

Real Life UserBoxes Edit

Gender Edit

Code UserBox
{{UserBox: Male User}}Template:UserBox: Male User
{{UserBox: Female User}}Template:UserBox: Female User

Location Edit

Code UserBox
{{UserBox: USA}}Template:UserBox: USA
{{UserBox: Canada}}Template:UserBox: Canada
{{UserBox: UK}}Template:UserBox: UK
{{UserBox: EU}}Template:UserBox: EU
{{UserBox: Australia }}Template:UserBox: Australia

Religious Beliefs Edit

Code UserBox
{{UserBox: Christian}}Template:UserBox: Christian
{{UserBox: Jewish}}Template:UserBox: Jewish

Alvin and the Chipmunks UserBoxes Edit

Fav Chipmunk Edit

Code UserBox
{{UserBox: Fav Alvin}}Template:UserBox: Fav Alvin
{{UserBox: Fav Simon}}Template:UserBox: Fav Simon
{{UserBox: Fav Theodore}}Template:UserBox: Fav Theodore
{{UserBox: Fav Chipmunks}}Template:UserBox: Fav Chipmunks

Fav Chipette Edit

Code UserBox
{{UserBox: Fav Brittany}}Template:UserBox: Fav Brittany
{{UserBox: Fav Jeanette}}Template:UserBox: Fav Jeanette
{{UserBox: Fav Eleanor}}Template:UserBox: Fav Eleanor
{{UserBox: Fav Chipettes}}Template:UserBox: Fav Chipettes

Fav Couple Edit

Code UserBox
{{UserBox: Fav Couple A & B}}Template:UserBox: Fav Couple A & B
{{UserBox: Fav Couple S & J}}Template:UserBox: Fav Couple S & J
{{UserBox: Fav Couple T & E}}Template:UserBox: Fav Couple T & E

60's v.s. 80's v.s. New Edit

Overall Edit

Code UserBox
{{UserBox: Fav 60's}}Template:UserBox: Fav 60's
{{UserBox: Fav 80's}}Template:UserBox: Fav 80's
{{UserBox: Fav New}}Template:UserBox: Fav New

Chipmunks Edit

Code UserBox
{{UserBox: Fav 60's Chipmunks}}Template:UserBox: Fav 60's Chipmunks
{{UserBox: Fav 80's Chipmunks}}Template:UserBox: Fav 80's Chipmunks
{{UserBox: Fav New Chipmunks}}Template:UserBox: Fav New Chipmunks


Code UserBox
{{UserBox: Fav 80's Chipettes}}Template:UserBox: Fav 80's Chipettes
{{UserBox: Fav New Chipettes}}Template:UserBox: Fav New Chipettes

Munkapedia Edit

Tools Edit

Code UserBox
{{UserBox: RollBack}}Template:UserBox: RollBack
{{UserBox: Admin}}Template:UserBox: Admin
{{UserBox: 'Crat}}Template:UserBox: 'Crat

Groups Edit

Code UserBox
{{UserBox: Council of Chipmunks}}Template:UserBox: Council of Chipmunks
{{UserBox: Munk Fanon}}Template:UserBox: Munk Fanon
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